What is Power Process Advisor?

Process Advisor records and analyses manual business tasks. It discovers inefficiencies and provides optimisation and automation opportunities. Process Advisor also automatically produces a process map that visualises the process which you can use to drive improvement in your business!

The Process Advisor is a tool included within Power Automate. It is used to record mouse clicks and keyboard keystrokes during a process. After recording a repetitive task, the recordings are uploaded and analyzed by the Process Advisor, making recommendations about how Power Automate can streamline the workflow.

Improve your business processes



Discover insights and optimization opportunities in just a few steps using process advisor.


Analytics & Process

Capture rich visual maps and gain clear insights for process improvement using built-in analytics and process maps.



Optimize your workflows and reduce inefficiencies using deep insights based on business data.

Understand and improve your processes.

Simplify how you work by discovering workflow bottlenecks and automation opportunities using process advisor, the process and task mining capability in Power Automate.

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