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Microsoft Power Apps accelerates your business by helping you to build the business apps you need, quick and easy. With the ability to extend or customize the apps that you already use, it enhances productivity and innovation.

Pro365 Consulting is one of the leading Power Apps partners with innovative and transformative business solutions.

How we can help

You are still welcome to use our services! You can handle organizational data in MS PowerApps. You may either create your own app or use one made by someone else. They can run on handheld devices such as phones or even browsers. You can make an app without knowing any programming languages. Created applications are not pre-installed, but you can make modifications such as information and options for generating and removing objects as your wish even after they are created.

You will build your own software with the most creative technical experts. Connects you to the machine and generates new info. Allows you to create applications without writing code, making your work even more accessible.

In addition, you can publish and use it on the internet and mobile networks. We have specialists who will work tirelessly for you. They make the most innovative and revolutionary applications for your company, with all kinds of environments, the name of the product, the developer of the app, and other things for you.

Moreover, you can design or make your own applications, and as the leading IT solutions provider, our developers provide you with PowerApps that can produce suitable screens from data sources, offering you tools to search apps. The most critical aspect is that our developers work without the use of any programming languages.

Using Benefits of Microsoft Power Apps

Seamless app extension capabilities

Natively built pro-developer extensibility into the platform helps developers use Azure functions or custom connectors to extend app capabilities.

Seamless app extension capabilities

Build Power Apps using both canvas and model-driven to tackle specific scenarios like field sales management, tracking and inspection, and more functions or custom connectors to extend app capabilities.

Tailored applications for optimal outputs

Using a simple‚ drag-and-drop designer, you can design immersive and responsive apps that can run on any device and deliver customized user experiences.

Easy integration

Natively built pro-developer extensibility into the platform helps developers use Azure functions or custom connectors to extend app capabilities.

Low cost of app ownership

App development and deployment have several associated costs, including licensing of components and developers. With Power Apps, a low-code or no-code platform, development costs are much lower.

AI capabilities

As many organizations want to incorporate AI capabilities in their apps, Power Apps enables developers to add intelligence to business apps with its AI Builder feature.

Microsoft Power Apps Services We Offer

PowerApps Development Services

Our Power‚ Apps development team is adept at creating both model-driven and tablet-specific apps, depending on the customer requirement.

Customized Solutions for Varied Businesses

The Microsoft Power Apps experts at Pro365 Consulting can craft bespoke Microsoft Power Apps solutions for all kinds of businesses, regardless of size or industry.

UI and UX Design Services

At Pro365 Consulting we have a vast pool of immensely talented and creative UI and UX designers, who combine their skills to create apps that are intuitive, user friendly, and engaging..

Canvas Apps, Azure function, and Embedding Apps Services

Our proficient Power Apps solutions make use of canvas apps at the client-side, and Azure table storage is used to create Azure functions for the server-side.

System Integration Services

We integrate Power Apps and other business apps with Microsoft systems like Office 365, OneDrive, Excel, Dynamic 365, SharePoint, and others like Dropbox and so on, with the help of the canvas app.

Support and Maintenance Services

Tech support is required to ensure smooth Microsoft Power Apps implementation, high availability, and flawless performance afterward. Pro365 Consulting Solutions provides regular maintenance services, fixing errors to ensure functionality.

Process We Follow

At Pro365 Consulting, we have established standard procedures for the development of any software application including Microsoft Power Apps. The decision to use Power Apps for development is made after detailed discussions with the customer to understand their business, the requirement, and the goals. These steps include –

  • Proposing the Strategy
    We outline a Power Apps strategy, summarizing your requirements, and showing a roadmap of the action plan to develop the app and achieve goals
  • Design and Tools
    Using UI/UX, our team of designers creates a design proposal, and our developers make a list of the tools they will need to use to create the app
  • Client Approval
    The design is sent to the customer for their approval
  • Development and Integration
    Once the customer gives the go-ahead, the entire team of designers, developers, and engineers collaborate to create the app with the desired features and functionality and also perform the necessary integrations
  • QA and Testing
    The app is put through exhaustive tests to make sure that it is free of bugs and functions as expected, and we wait for the final client approval
  • Deployment
    The Power Apps solution is deployed and another check is made to ascertain its functioning
  • Support and Maintenance
    We provide support and maintenance services as and when needed

Why Outsource Microsoft Power Apps Services to Pro365 Consulting?

We are a leading Microsoft Power Apps service providing company and provide you with many reasons to work with us, including –

Flexible Hiring Options

Customers can outsource their entire project to us, or hire dedicated resources on an hourly or monthly basis, depending on their budget and requirement.
Pro365 Consulting Solutions has been awarded national and international certifications in recognition of our commitment to quality.

Our software apps are built to handle the excess workload efficiently as your business grows.

Pro365 Consulting has a team of over 100 skilled and talented professionals, world-class office spaces with top-notch equipment, and access to the latest tools and technologies, all of which combine to empower us to deliver optimal outcomes for customers.

Single Point of Contact
We provide customers with a project manager who will be their single point of contact regarding suggestions, concerns, or queries at any time.

24/7 Access
You can contact our executives at any time of the day or night through any one of our numerous communication channels as per your preference.

Short Turnaround Time
Thanks to our industry expertise and superior infrastructure, we can deliver projects right on schedule, so customers need not worry about delays in deployment.

Why do Businesses Need Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps was launched to address the concern areas of app sharing and IT agility, proliferation of business data, and lack of skilled and experienced mobile developers. Microsoft states that this service allows users to create business apps that can run on tablets, phones, and browsers without any need for coding.

Power Apps allows companies to deliver a mobile app experience for their customers that is personalized to their business requirements. Organizations can tailor the look and feel to fit their brand. Lastly, Power Apps can link with several data sources to deliver an intuitive user experience.

Why choose us?

Pro365 Consulting adheres to the highest industry expectations to assist companies worldwide in achieving the opportunity to quickly build applications. Enterprises may use our PowerApps consultancy services to build tailored apps that address their practical requirements on several levels.

Our Microsoft professionals have the technological know-how to assist companies with any complexities by providing effective solutions.

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