What is Cloud Flow?

Automated flows. Create an automation that is triggered by an event such as arrival of an email from a specific person, or a mention of your company in social media. Connectors for cloud or on-premises services connect your accounts and enable them to talk to each other.

You can build flows to customize and add further value to Teams from within the new Power Apps app in Teams. You can create instant, scheduled, and automated flows, with access to over 350 connectors. This includes a connector to work with Microsoft Dataverse for Teams tables within Teams as well.

Bridge the gap between data and decision making


Automated Flows

Enables seamless creation of a series of events once a kick-off event is triggered.


Instant Flows

Widely used for its capability to act instantly at the click of a button & flow needs to run immediately.


Schedule Flows

This allows the scheduling of a series of tasks that have a specific deadline.

Cloud flow in Power Automate

Create a cloud flow that performs one or more tasks automatically after it’s triggered by an event. For example, create a cloud flow that notifies you by email when someone sends a tweet that contains a keyword you specify. In this example, sending a tweet is the event, and sending mail is the action.

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