View offline sync icon in the navigation bar


The offline sync icon is now always visible in the mobile navigation bar. The icon provides contextual information, such as if the app is connected, if data is currently refreshing, whether there are pending user updates that haven’t synchronized yet, and whether the sync has an error or warning. The icon still allows access to the sync status page, which has been improved with details related to pending changes.

Feature Details

The offline sync icon is now visible in the main navigation on iOS and Android devices. The icon has several badges that represent sync states:

  • Connected
  • Not connected
  • Syncing data
  • Pending changes
  • Error
  • Warning

The sync status page has also been improved to provide more details. These details help users take effective actions in regards to the status of the data available on their devices.

This icon indicates whether the app is currently synced with offline data, and allows users to quickly toggle between offline and online modes.

This feature can be particularly useful for users who need to work in environments with limited or no internet connectivity. By enabling offline mode, users can continue to work with the app and make changes to data, even when they are not connected to the internet. When a connection becomes available again, the app can automatically sync the changes with the online data source.

To use the offline sync feature, users will need to enable offline capabilities for their app and configure the relevant data sources. They can then access the offline sync icon in the navigation bar, which will display a green checkmark when the app is synced with offline data and a gray icon when offline mode is not enabled.

Overall, the addition of the offline sync icon to the navigation bar is a welcome update for Power Platform users, providing a convenient way to manage offline data and improve productivity in low-connectivity environments.

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